Its Hard not to be inspired

Its Hard not to be inspired

According to the google dictionary, inspired means: of an extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse or breathe life into…


To those who know me, creativity does not run through my veins naturally and the only impulse I have might be to clean the house or to have a glass of wine!  I also never feel of an extraordinary quality…

My inspiration was to offer my Cornish customers products that have been truly motivated by a sustainable, affordable & natural philosophy and to create something that is transparent and hopefully fully refillable in the future.

I have developed a quite ordinary looking skincare range (to keep the cost down) nonetheless full of goodness that does not cost the earth everything & does not cost the earth…

I have chosen the biggest market to break into! I have tried to get inspired by magazines & media. I have read every article, compared my products with others, looked at ingredients and at packaging to ensure that I am not delusional. I have contacted manufacturers with newly innovative packaging (plastic free) and yet it seems that I as a small business am not worthy of a call back unless I make millions! (Although one very helpful man did call me back!)

I have contacted beauty editors & influencers. Naively, I thought that you ask them to sample your products and they will and if they like them, they will publish. Ha! Most magazines are full of sponsored products and influencers require payment. I had no idea! And yet they can charge for it because it works. 

 Somehow, I have breathed life into a business that could cost me tens of thousands to even get noticed! Instead my husband is my web designer; my friends and family are my critic panel and I have another business to pay my bills and… I feel lucky.

I feel inspired to carry on down this path (with some encouragement). My skin is the best it has ever been & my friends have got a never ending supply of skincare products to try!