ha:meni has been born out of a desire to source natural skincare products that are as wonderful to your skin as they are to the planet

Tested on friends & family, not animals

Hello, I am Maja, the founder and owner of ha:meni.

 I have spent the past three years researching all freely available sources of information on natural skincare,   aromatherapy, and the sourcing of the best raw ingredients to develop my own range of affordable products.

If it isn’t 100% natural and affordable with recyclable and refillable idea, then it isn’t ha:meni! 

My range includes six main products that take care of the whole body.

ha:meni is a passionate brand that cares about what goes into your skincare and how friendly it is to the planet .

Everything is lovingly handmade, and hand poured in Cornwall ha:meni uses only natural and some organic ingredients

We are proud to be a small local business and completely TRANSPARENT, If you wish to know the origins of ingredients, just message me and I will send you all the info 🙂


  • ha:meni uses only glass and aluminium packaging with recycled paper labels and water based adhesive for re-use and recycling
  • each ha:meni product has a purpose & benefit – there are no fillers and synthetics found in products and it is done with the least amount of fuss
  • ha:meni wishes to be a transparent & traceable brand so if you have any questions regarding the ingredients and process please contact us
  • ha:meni ‘s PRODUCTION uses only eco-friendly materials with vegware recycled rolls to mop up any spills and unused materials, biodegradable gloves, vegware compostable batch number labels, glass and silicone utensils to aid our LOW WASTE concept for the whole ha:meni PROCESS


  • ha:meni does not test any ingredients or products on animals
  • ha:meni does not procure any materials that have been tested on animals at any point during the manufacturing process
  • ha:meni does not sell its products anywhere that requires animal testing. 


  • ha:meni only purchases its materials and packaging from companies that have a fair trade / ethical workplace policy in place